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Carl Priolo found a meaningful way to honor his brother Chris, who died of AIDS in 1989, and to fight anti-gay discrimination. He set out to capture an image of hope and healing that would serve as both a tribute to his brother and a symbol of change. 

Priolo created the Let Love Out Campaign and emblem, an interlocking heart and infinity symbol, as a way for people to show their solidarity, love and support. The emblem adorns unisex jewelry, clothing and gift items available on the Let Love Out website.


He founded the company in early 2011, amid the fight over gay marriage across the country, escalating violence towards gay youth, and continued discrimination of people with HIV/AIDS.


“It’s been more than 20 years since we lost Chris. It is just as important now as it was then to increase awareness about the HIV/AIDS epidemic and the violation of human rights, to talk about the challenges and share the triumphs, and to support each other,” says Priolo.

10% of the profits from Let Love Out jewelry and products are donated to local and national organizations working to end discrimination and increase HIV/AIDS awareness. During checkout, buyers can choose to send the profits to one of several causes, including The Trevor Project, It Gets Better, and the Richmond Ermet AIDS Foundation.

“I want to give a platform to the issues and to promote the many organizations that are already working towards ending discrimination and increasing HIV/AIDS awareness,” says Priolo. We can all come together to bring about change.”

To view and purchase Let Love Out products, go here.

Carl Priolo discusses his inspiration and goals for Let Love Out.



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