Cher to the Rescue!


Chaz Bono will make television history as the first transgender contestant on ABC’s hit show Dancing With the Stars.

The presence of the former Chastity Bono (the offspring of Sonny Bono and Cher) is certain to be controversial in some circles — but will be a landmark moment for transgender visibility in the media.

During Chaz’s recent appearance on The Ellen Degeneres Show, his famous mother called in with some frank and choice words for those who are threatening to boycott the dancing contest.

“If you’ve got that excess time and that amount of hostility, I’m not so sure that I can say anything to you that would make you change your feelings,” said Cher. 

“Those are feelings of such hostility and fear I don’t know that I would have any magic words to make you feel more comfortable and to soothe you into not being terrified of my child dancing on Dancing With the F**king Stars.”

You go, Cher!

For more details on the appearance and to view the clip from The Ellen Degeneres Show, go here.


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