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Matt Dick is a designer and creative director: of spaces, objects, and everything inbetween. Based in San Francisco, he has been involved in the Japanese market since 1997, with his work in textile and clothing design, fashion branding, and product development. Dick is the owner and director behind Matocreative, a design firm that allows him to continue working in the areas of clothing and costume design, space design, and art direction. He is also the designer and creative consultant behind the independent film “Recovering Irma,” a story of one family’s journey to end the cycle of domestic violence in their family by taking a roadtrip to rediscover their past. 

Currently, he is the creative force behind the staff uniform, hotel shop concept and buyer for Bardessono, a modern luxury hotel, known for its green construction, sustainable operation, and beautiful aesthetics.

“Ultimately the Bardessono is about place,” says Dick. “We have created the shop in the same spirit. It is an exploration and celebration of artisans around the world. A tribute to things made exceptionally well, many by hand, slowly and in small amounts.”

As to what influences him, he writes that “travel reminds us that we are alive, full of senses and that we can be inspired.” Thus, he fills the shop at Bardessono with exotic and unique things, made to inspire anyone who comes into the space.

Instinct and curiosity are what make Dick successful. He is inspired by the people he works with. He is most passionate about people, and happy people are what drives him to succeed in life.

“I have been making things for many years because I love to see transformation,” Dick writes to dot429. “People. Spaces. Objects. Making people excited and staying curious. Awake. It makes the world better in a very simple immediate way. It is contagious — a fantastic virus, creativity.”

To find out more about Matocreative, visit their site here.

To find out more about the film “Recovering Irma,” visit here.

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