Angelina Jolie Made Me Gay


Alternate TextThere are moments in life that end up defining you in some way. The filmmaker in me is constantly trying to bring those moments to life in front of a camera. That might have started in the late-1990s when Angelina Jolie made me gay.

My friend Brendon asked me to help him style Angelina for a shoot with Movieline Magazine. I knew she would probably be cool and most definitely be gorgeous. What I wasn’t prepared for was how sweet she was. Completely intimidated, I spent most of the day not being able to look her in the eye. But like a typical director, I watched.

I watched as she worked the camera and how gracious she was to everyone. I watched her drape across a chair in thin top and cowboy hat as “Angel” by Sarah McLaughlin began to play. I watched when everyone else drifted away from the set except me.

The camera moved and Angelina locked on the only eyes there, mine. All that energy was like a beam. I was deliciously caught in it. Whenever I hear that song I can still remember that feeling. It was random and charged and when the song was over, the beam fell away.

Was I truly gay then? Maybe. Or maybe it was later that day when I was rolling tight leather pants up her legs and she was wearing only a G-string.

Hard to tell, but I do know I was never the same again.
Robyn Dettman is a director and filmmaker in the San Francisco Bay Area. More about Robyn’s work at



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