All-American gay candidate


By Angela D. Giampolo, Esquire

As a former college football captain, Brian Sims knows what it is like to have fans supporting him and his team win. As a candidate for political office, Sims is rapidly gaining support to become Pennsylvania‚Äôs first openly LGBT state legislator. 

In 2000, Sims led the Division II Bloomsberg University football team to a national title game. To this day, he is the only openly gay college football captain and the most notable college player to ever come out. 

His work as an attorney and fierce advocate for LGBT rights have earned him as much notoriety as his athletic achievements. Sims recently served as the President of Equality Pennsylvania and as Chairman of GALLOP (Gay and Lesbian Lawyers of Philadelphia). He was also named one of “40 Best LGBT Lawyers Under 40” in the nation by the National LGBT Bar Association/ABA and made Campus Pride’s “HOT LIST: Top 25 LGBT Favorites” two years running for speaking about tolerance on college campuses.

Sims is running in Pennsylvania’s 182nd District, which encompasses part of downtown Philadelphia including the city’s vibrant Gayborhood. Much like the LGBT movement itself, he is trying to move from advocacy to the mainstream.

“I have dedicated my professional life to fighting for the citizens of our great city,” Sims said. “Now I am ready to step up and fight for our communities as a public servant.”

An All-American athlete turned All-American candidate, Brian Sims’ election gives the LGBT community hope.

For more about Brian Sims and his campaign visit his site here.

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