A winning day for LGBT candidates


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With at least 53 out of 75 candidates endorsed by the Gay & Lesbian Victory fund winning seats in municipal, judicial and state legislative offices, it was a groundbreaking election for the LGBTA community.



Here’s a rundown of who came out on top:

Mayoral elections:

Alex Morse, only 22, became mayor of Holyoke, Mass., beating out 67-year-old incumbent Mary Pluta. With this, Alex has become the nation’s youngest mayor and one of the nation’s most inspiring stories of what youth, hope, and determination can accomplish.

Mayor Annise Parker of Houston was re-elected to office.

Bruce Harris became mayor of Chatham Borough, N.J., and has likely become the nation’s first openly gay, African American, Republican mayor.

Mark Leinschmidt of Chapel Hill, N.C., won his reelection bid to remain mayor, beating challengers Tim Sookram and Keven Wolff.

Democrat Daryl Finizio, gay candidate, was elected mayor of New London, Conn.

Council Seats:

Another young blood, openly gay 22-year-old Lee Storrow won a seat on the Chapel Hill Town Council.

In Cincinnati, Chris Seelbach has become the first openly gay city council member.

LaWana Mayfield won a seat as Charlotte, North Carolina’s first openly gay city council member.

Senate and Congress:

Adam Ebbin was elected to the Virginia state senate, making him the state’s first openly gay senator. He defeated Republican candidate Timothy McGhee by a margin of 64 percent to 35 percent.

Tim Eustace won his Assembly race, becoming the first openly gay non-incumbent to win a seat in the legislature.

Other interesting election results:

Daniel Hernandez Jr., immortalized as the intern who helped save Rep. Gabrielle Gifford’s life in Arizona, was elected to the Sunnyside Unified school board in Pima County, Ariz.

Liz Mathis, a vocal straight ally of the LGBT community, won a crucial election in Iowa which allowed Democrats to retain a small majority in the state Senate, where Majority Leader Michael Gronstal has vowed to beat back attempts to outlaw marriage equality.


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