Gay artist captures “˜Moments”™


Rene Capone’s art conveys a sense of wonder, exploration and discovery. Set against a fantastical world of mythical dreamscapes, the figures in his work appear to be on a deeply personal quest for identity and their place in the world.

For the first time, Capone’s artwork – which adorns the walls of collectors around the world – has been compiled into a beautiful 158-page book called Any Given Moment.

The paintings were created over a 12-year period, from 1999 to 2011, and reflect Capone’s evolution as both an artist and a young gay man.

“When one creates, the endless noise surrounding us gets worked through, and for a time, the world makes sense,” says Capone.

“After it is done, you have something that communicates. The greatest themes in life are explored through art: love, hate, jealousy, fear, anger and passion. I believe an artist’s job is to tell these stories.”

Learn more about “Any Given Moment.”

About The Author

Adam Sandel is a playwright, screenwriter, lyricist, journalist and film critic living in San Francisco, California. He's the film writer for dot429 Magazine and is the host of the internet radio show "Happy Hour" on

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