Richard Nixon had a gay lover


President Richard Nixon had a gay love affair with a Cuban-American businessman who was closely connected to the mafia, according to a new book, “Richard Nixon’s Darkest Secrets,” which was written by veteran White House journalist Don Fulsom. Nixon’s gay lover, Bebe Rebozo, was described by Dan Rather as having a, “magnetic personality…beautiful eyes…and transmitted the sense of great sensuality.”

Nixon’s marriage to his wife Pat was a “sham” according to Fulsom, who interviewed white house aids and Nixon associates. A military aid had to teach Nixon how to kiss his wife for press photos. The Nixons kept separate bedrooms and while in Miami, lived in separate homes.

Fulsom interviewed a Time Magazine reporter who bending down to retrieve a fork, saw Nixon and Rebozo holding hands under the dinner table. Rebozo had his own office and bedroom at the White House, which allowed him to come and go without secret service clearance.

Rebozo was reported to have had an intense affair with a young man when he was 18-years-old and then married the man’s sister. The marriage lasted four years and was never consummated, according to Fulsom. Another Nixon biographer, Anthony Summers, was told that Nixon was part of Miami’s gay scene.

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