Calatrava’s pivoting bridge in Buenos Aires




Carlos Melia has dived with white sharks in Africa, tasted the finest wines in Napa, eaten insects in the Amazon, trained to become a Mahout in Thailand, and has traveled the globe four times over. His passport reads Argentina, but the world is his home. Currently, Melia works from home.

As the son of a commercial pilot, Melia spent his childhood jet setting from country to country, all the while instilling a passion for travel. Melia then worked for restaurants, airlines, hotels and established one of the first gay travel agencies, all of which helped lay the foundation for his popular Carlos Melia Blog.

At 37-years-old, Melia has his hand to the pulse of the Gay luxury travel industry. His motto of, “Been There Done That” means he vets each new locale for his readers, making sure each experience has his stamp of approval.  Every adventure is documented and critiqued with a travel savvy that ensures success for those who wish to follow. With his videos, Melia can even better show us a world waiting to be traveled. And as winner of Mr. Gay International 2008, you can bet your host is as stunning as the scenery.

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