Muslim pamphleteers teach 3 ways to kill gays


The leaflateers worked outside the Jamia Mosque in Derby in July 2010 and stuffed letterboxes with pamphlets calling for homosexuals to be executed.


The “Death Penalty” pamphlet showed an image of a mannequin hanging from a noose, and gave different ways to murder gay people including execution, burning, hanging, and stoning. The pamphlets stated that gay sex is a great sin that leads to hell, and called for homosexuals to “Turn or Burn” and used “GAY” as an acronym for “God Abhors You.” It also stated that the decriminalization of homosexuality was the root cause of all problems.

“This case is not about, and we must not make it about, an interference with the defendants’ freedom of religion or freedom to express their religious views in an attempt to educate or inform people,” said Bobbie Cheema, opening the case for the prosecution.

“The vast majority of Muslim, and indeed other religious people, or people with no religion but who have strong views about homosexuality, are able to express their views if they wish in a critical but lawful, moderate and self-controlled way,” Cheema continued.

Kabir Ahmed, one of the five men being charged, told the police that he believes there is nothing wrong with killing homosexuals, and it was his duty as a Muslim to inform others and condemn the gay community.

Prosecution against the men is citing the Public Order Act and the Malicious Communications Act. These protect against conduct or material threatening in nature and intended to stir up hatred against a group of people defined by their sexual orientation, as well as sending letters with the intent to cause distress or anxiety. This is the first prosecution of its kind in the UK after new legislation came into force in March 2010.  The offense carries a maximum sentence of six months imprisonment and/or a fine of £5,000 at the magistrates court or seven years imprisonment and/or an unlimited fine at the Crown Court.

Twelve men were executed for Sodomy in Iran in 2009

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