The British are hiring gay James Bonds


By Ryan Collett

The British counter-intelligence and security agency MI5 was listed as one of the most gay-friendly organizations in Britain. The list was put out this week by Stonewall, an equality charity. The organization based their rankings on 7,500 confidential surveys sent out to gay, lesbian, and bisexual employees.

MI5 — home to fictional British super spy, James Bond — was ranked 62 out of 100 gay-friendly employers in Britain, with Ernst and Young at the top of the list. The ranking came as a welcoming sign for the intelligence agency — having expressed desires to employ more recruits from a variety of backgrounds including sexual orientations since the 2005 London bombings.

Previously, the organization was reluctant to hire gay candidates, feeling they would be more susceptible to blackmail due to their homosexuality. The agency has since strived to promote diversity in the workplace.

Technically, Bond was employed by MI6, the British counter-intelligence agency that deals primarily with foreign affairs. In real life, MI5, MI6, and other British intelligence agencies collaborate to ensure British security — similar to the CIA or FBI. While the James Bond franchise is known for its undoubtedly heterosexual star and his cavorting with cleverly named “Bond girls,” one can’t help but imagine the possibilities of a “Bond boy” and of course the ensuing double-entendres.

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