Washington House approves gay marriage


By Luke Marshall Good


The Washington state Senate passed a same-sex marriage bill on Wednesday which is expected to take effect in June. This will make Washington’s gay Summer of Love the first on the West Coast, California’s Proposition 8 having failed to pass in 2008.

Governor Christine Gregoire proposed Senate Bill 6239 in January, stating, “It’s time, it’s the right thing to do.” She will sign the measure into law once it successfully moves through the House of Representatives, as it is expected to do.

The bill passed the Senate 28 to 21; interestingly, four Republican senators voted in favor of the bill and three Democrats voted against it. Crossing party lines, Republican Senator Steve Litzow stated, “I believe an adult should be able to marry the person they love: It’s that simple for me.”

Senator Ed Murray, a Democrat and the bill’s sponsor, said at the Senate meeting on Wednesday, “Those of us who support this legislation are not, and should not be accused of, undermining family life or religious freedom.”

Washington will join New York, Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, and the District of Columbia in recognizing same-sex marriages.

Maine and Maryland are two states also expected to weigh in on similar legislation on ballots in November.        

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