LGBT news roundup 02.08.12


Editor’s Pick: 

 Sex Sells, Gay or Straight – a look at Toyota’s Superbowl Ad

Huffington Post


Britain: No Pardon in 1952 Case involving mathematician Alan Turing convicted on charges of homosexuality. 


The New York Times


After a controversy in The Jewish Press over an op-ed by a gay man, pop singer Sir Ari Gold, who grew up Orthodox, rips intolerance in the Orthodox community.

The Daily Beast

In Video, Al Sharpton Shows Support for Gay Marriage

The New York Times


St. Petersburg Approves ‘Gay Promotion’ Fines: Russian City’s LGBT Bill Draws Protests (video)

Huffington Post


Should Obama Have His Own Plan B? By authors David Brooks and Gail Collins, talking between columns on

The New York Times


Feldman: Gay-Marriage Ruling May Backfire



Poster couple for gay marriage in California are getting divorced

New York Daily News


Washington state House poised to pass gay marriage bill



Ellen DeGeneres Addresses Anti-Gay ‘One Million Moms’ Group



Victim in anti-gay video beating from Atlanta speaks out 



Ugandan gay rights activists have condemned the reintroduction of a bill in parliament that calls for the death penalty for certain homosexual acts.

The Telegraph


Gay Marriage Supporters in WeHo Cheer Ruling on Prop. 8

West Hollywood Patch

Tory MPs demand Ken Livingstone apology over gay gaffe

The Independent


A writing competition based out of Tulsa, Oklahoma which banned gay romance stories for reportedly being “just too much” has been cancelled.

Pink News

Bill O’Reilly Denounces Prop. 8 Ruling As ‘Judicial Activism’ (VIDEO)

Huffington Post


Prop 8 Decision: Martin O’Malley Says He Hopes Ruling Will Help Maryland Gay Marriage Push

Huffington Post


Prop 8 Unconstitutional: Rosie O’Donnell, Harvey Fierstein, Celebrities And Media Figures Sound Off

Huffington Post


Students support gay community against Westboro Baptists


Myth: ‘Gays make more money than non-gays,’ an opinion piece by Jonathan Capehart

The Washington Post


A documentary film that promotes the actions of gay-rights activists across the country will get two premiere screenings in Charlotte.

Charlotte Observer


Gay church in Australia dubbed a ‘cult’ after schism

The Age


’Mr. Gay Namibia’ Attacked After Winning Title



Anoka schools fire back over gay bullying story in Rolling Stone


Labor unions back West Virgina gay and lesbian protections from discrimination in workplace, housing

The Republic


Top Miami-area mayors to lunch Thursday with gay activists, business people

Gay South Florida


Azerbaijan Is Eager to Host Eurovision—but Not Any of Its Gay Fans

The Atlantic

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