LGBT News Roundup 02.09.12


Editor’s Pick:

Gender-bending model pushes limits of the runway

The Wall Street Journal

Opinion: Why I support gay marriage in Washington


Gay couples share their universal stories of love

Sea Coast Online

Ellen DeGeneres’ JCPenney Partnership Defended By Company CEO Ron Johnson (VIDEO)

Huffington Post

Vote Moves Washington State Closer to Gay Marriage

The New York Times

After Gay Group Is Excluded
, Conservative Conference Welcomes Back Old Members
The New York Times

State-by-State Laws on Gay Marriage Produce Patchwork Quilt
Business Week

Anti-gay-marriage forces plan Prop. 8 strategy after legal defeat
L.A. Times

He’s Just Not Himself Anymore. Isn’t It Great? ‘The Ugly One,’ a Satire About Beauty, at Soho Rep
The New York Times

Uganda anti-gay bill ‘not backed by government’

Roland Martin to meet with gay advocacy group
The Washington Post

After Gay Group Is Excluded, Conservative Conference Welcomes Back Old Members
The New York Times

Hulk Hogan Responds To Gay Rumors On ‘The Wendy Williams Show’ (VIDEO)

Huffington Post

‘Dog The Bounty Hunter’: The Chapmans Lend Their Support To The NOH8 Campaign (VIDEO)

Huffington Post

Fargo Gay Couple to Apply for Marriage License
The Advocate

Romney Glitter Bomb: Peter Smith, CU Denver Student, Tries To Glitter Bomb Romney, Gets Arrested

Huffington Post

New Jersey senator introduces bill to allow voters to decide on gay marriage

Gay marriage fight may hinge on Supreme Court’s Anthony Kennedy  
Miami Herald

Daniel Radcliffe Says Gay Marriage Is About ‘Equality’

New Jersey Advocates Lose Important Fund-Raising Source, Search for New Donors as Battle Heads to Legislature for Vote
The Wall Street Journal

Tennessee’s ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill delayed in committee
The Leaf Chronicle

$11,000 reward offered for information on gay bashing
Atlanta In Town

Livingstone and gay Tories: Chris Bryant and Mike Freer (VIDEO)

Gay marriage bill introduced in Illinois House
Chicago Tribune

Ex-gays claim ‘illegal discrimination’ over flyers
Pink News

Barbara Kay: Gay sex and the right to privacy

National Post

MPs set to debate gay marriage in House of Representatives
The Courier-Mail

Md. clergy issue video supporting gay marriage, religious leaders to offer testimony Friday
The Washington Post

A gay couple are fighting for custody of their six-year-old boy after they were accused of being members of a pedophile ring.
The Courier-Mail

Obama and gay marriage: ‘Evolving’ is no longer an option

Gay sex: 10-year jail term for Indian student?

Daily Bhaskar

Will gay marriage play a role in the governor’s race in Washington?

Christian preacher told gay men they would burn in hell, court hears
The Guardian

Gay Rights Website Banned in Indonesia
Passport Magazine

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