LGBT News Roundup 02.10.12


Editor’s Pick: Gambling With Gay Marriage
The New York Review of Books

A Fashion Week Conversation with a Male Fit Model
New York Observer

Gay Activist Calls Uganda Anti-Gay Bill Absurd
Voice of America

Will Gay Marriage Lead to Polygamy, Incest, and Religious Meltdown?
Huffington Post

Jamaican gay rights activists hopeful of repealing anti-homosexuality law
The Guardian

Michele Bachmann At CPAC: Former GOP Candidate Slams Prop 8 Ruling, Meets Chuck Woolery
Huffington Post

Rachel Maddow Responds To Cal Thomas Calling Her A Good Argument For Contraception (VIDEO)
Huffington Post

Gay Service Member Questions Boehner’s Staff on DOMA
The Advocate

Pro-Ellen Facebook Page Laps Those “One Million Moms”
The Advocate


Obama tells gay donors more work to be done
Business Week

Christian hotel owners lose gay couple appeal

Three jailed over gay-hate leaflet

Antigay Westboro church to protest at Powell boys’ funeral
Detroit Free Press

Church’s ‘Gay is not okay’ sign gets backlash in social media
Des Moines Register

Prop 8 Decision Revives Latino Gay Marriage Debate
Fox News Latino

Gay and Republican not so unlikely
The Utah Statesman

Livingstone’s Gay Bankers Comments Spark Row
Sky News

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