The most expensive house in America


The mansion is located in Holmby Hills, lesser known but more exclusive then neighboring Beverly Hills or even Bel Air. It was part of the divorce settlement between Texas billionaire David Sapperstein and his wife Suzanne. In 2008, David abandoned his wife for their 32-year-old Swedish nanny and now Suzanne is sharing the mansion with her 33-year-old former soccer playing boyfriend until it is sold. There is a great W Magazine story you can read here.

Inspired by Versailles, the 35,000 square foot house is called Fleur de Lys. It has 10 rooms, 12 bedrooms, 15 baths, a ballroom, marble walls, limestone floors, two kitchens, a 50-seat screening room, a nine-car garage, and a three-bedroom caretaker’s house.  

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