Last day for The Seduction of Galileo Galilei


By Anna Peirano

This is the last weekend to see the “Seduction of Galileo Galilei” exhibition at the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York City, by Aleksandra Mir. The installation is comprised of a video documenting a collaborative Galileo-inspired experiment and Mir’s own collages.

The documentary, set to a Baroque soundtrack, follows Mir as she conducts an experiment based on Galileo’s apocryphal test of the law of falling bodies. Galileo dropped items of different masses from the top of the Leaning Tower in Pisa in observation of gravity, and his experiments put him at odds with the Church. Mir worked with a team of crane operators and volunteers to stack tires as high as possible in a “precarious, lilting spire.”

“A corrupting femme fatale, [Mir] solicits an intellectual affair with a  man almost four centuries her senior, in order to explore, exploit, and liberate the void in the telling of the myth,” says Sarah Robayo Sheridan, who commissioned the work.

Accompanying the video piece will be a selection of collages from Mir’s series “The Dream and the Promise” (2008-2009). These pictures combine religious iconography with images and symbols of space travel, creating a relationship between faith and science. They imagery addresses Mir’s question, “If angels and astronauts share the same sky, isn’t it time they were introduced?”

  The exhibit ends on February 19th.


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