LGBT News Roundup 02.23.12


Editor’s Pick: ‘All Dead Mormons Are Gay’ Site Turns Deceased Mormons Gay For All Eternity
Huffington Post


The Cognitive Dissonance of Being Gay and Republican: Paul Babeu Speaks But Cannot See
Huffington Post

Schools work to balance gay, religious rights
Wall Street Journal

Govt goof up on gay sex issue draws SC ire
Deccan Herald

Liberia’s Senate to Consider Anti-Gay Bill
ABC News

Gov. Christie: I’m with Obama on gay marriage

Gay spouse given health benefits in U.S. court case

Governor Gives Up in Gay Marriage Case in Hawaii
Courthouse News Service

FBI: 3rd suspect in videotaped gay beating hiding in Pennsylvania

Republican trifecta: Abortion, contraception, gay marriage
The Jerusalem Post

‘Glee’ Episode On Gay Teen Suicide: Experts Weigh In

Gay Wedding Suits and Ensembles for the LGBT Crowd: Duchess Clothier Debuts Custom Suits for the Whole Rainbow
San Francisco Chronicle

Lawmakers likely to stop bill to protect gay, bisexual, transgender people from job discrimination in Nebraska
Kearney Hub

Romney’s Veiled Reference to Gay Adoption Was GOP Debate’s Only LGBT Mention
Metro Weekly

Barney Frank Shows Off Custom Wedding Ring, Talks Rick Santorum On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ (VIDEO)
Huffington Post

Karen Golinski Wins Health Care Benefits As Court Declares Defense Of Marriage Act Unconstitutional
Huffington Post

Baltimore Approves Transgender Anti-Discrimination Bill, But Critics Remain
Huffington Post

‘Men-Ups’: How I Got the Idea for My Gender-Bending Photo Series (PHOTOS)
Huffington Post

Chicago Police Department Transgender Ordinance To Be Introduced By Ald Joe Moreno
Huffington Post

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