Barney Frank discusses his wedding ring


By Anna Peirano


Considered the most prominent gay politician in the United States, Barney Frank had served in Congress as a Democratic Representative in Massachusetts since 1981 until his recent retirement in late 2011. Known for his wit, staffers on Capitol Hill named him the “brainiest,” “funniest,” and “most eloquent” member of the House. Always vocal about his sexual orientation and his stance on civil rights issues, he once said he was unable to complete his review detailing President Bill Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinsky because it was “too much reading about heterosexual sex.”

In the below video, Frank discusses his long time boyfriend and soon to be husband, Jim Ready. Ready is a welder and 30 years Frank’s junior, and crafted the black wedding ring the ex-congressman is wearing. Frank also discusses the current presidential race and acknowledges in the video just how far gay rights have come since he began in politics. “When I started out, I was afraid to acknowledge being gay – and now Jim and I can get married. It’s generational.”



Barney Frank and partner Jim Ready

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