LGBT News Roundup 02.24.12


Editor’s Pick: Graying and Gay, and Finding a Home
New York Times

Dan Brian, Gay Teen, Comes Out To His Mother On YouTube (VIDEO)
Huffington Post


Maryland gay marriage bill passes legislature, Twitter reacts
Washington Post

Gay Texas judge refuses to wed straight couples
Washington Post

Academy Awards 2012: Gay Reasons To Watch The Oscars
Huffington Post

Accosting Boys in Showers: LGBTQ Athletes and Homophobia
Huffington Post

Effort to overturn gay marriage legislation begins in Maryland, religious groups say they will help
Washington Post

On gay question, Georgia legislators side with Sharia

India gay-sex debate takes confusing twist
San Francisco Chronicle

Piers Morgan interviewed Chris Christie on vetoing gay marriage bill – VIDEO
Irish Central

Rick Santorum’s ‘Frothy Mix’ Problem Cited During CNN Broadcast When Camera Zooms In On Sign (VIDEO)
Huffington Post

Same-Sex Marriage Is ‘Fake,’
Claims New Conservative Campaign
Huffington Post

Daniel Pokorney, Oregon Mayor, Apologizes For Anti-Gay Marriage Posts On Facebook
Huffington Post

The Inseparable Link Between Discrimination, Economic Injustice, and Anti-Transgender Violence
Huffington Post

Tanya Ditty, Georgia Teacher, Compares Homosexuality To Necrophilia, Voyeurism, Pedophilia (VIDEO)
Huffington Post

Gay couples excluded from benefit of filing taxes jointly

Giuliani Says Anti-Gay Republicans “Don’t Understand Modern World,” Cindy McCain Blames Media

Film wrestles with gay marriage in black community
Washington Post

A First: LGBT Community Gets Marriage Equality On Maine Ballot
Instinct Magazine

Chaim Levin Is Giving Hope to LGBT Orthodox Jews
Huffington Post

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