Christian Dorn furniture


By Anna Jaffray


The Ova Chair, designed by Christian Dorn, is a sleek and versatile chair, released in the last week of February.  Dorn said of his most recent work that, “the idea is to design a timeless piece of furniture with transient smooth shapes from simple, soft geometry.”


Dorn, based out of Germany, describes himself as a straight, down to earth designer who primarily focuses on a reduced and puristic approach to his work.  His furniture aims to be simple, elegant and comfortable in style, form and materials.  Much like his designs, Dorn keeps a simple outlook on life, quoting his motto, “love your job, do it with passion.”


Dorn also aims to get away from ornate, village-like designs to do something of his own, without leaving behind the essentials of form and function.  This philosophy is entirely encapsulated in his no-frill designs.


Made of powder coated steel and polyurethane foam, the Ova Chair is reminiscent of post-modern design, utilizing elegant shapes and synthetic materials.  The chair also reflects ideas exhibited by modern designer, Finn Juhl, who utilizes similar shapes and materials to develop his looks.


Dorn’s other products also reflect his focus on simplicity and intuitive functionality, showing sleek lines and basic shapes.


Dorn established Stiltreu Design Studio, meaning “Still Good,” in Gengenbach, Germany.  The studio was created by Dorn and his creative partner, Marie-Luise Muckenhirn in 2011.  Stiltreu Design Studio focuses on innovation and developing “…internationally successful products for renowned clients.”




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