LGBT news roundup 03.04.12


Editor’s Pick: Santorum and the Sexual Revolution

New York Times


Catholic cardinal criticises gay marriages plan



Gay marriage backers find success emphasizing love and family

Los Angeles Times

Same-sex custody battle in Florida questions notions of motherhood, gay rights



Kirk Cameron: Homosexuality is ‘unnatural’ and gay marriage is ‘destructive to so many of the foundations of civilization’

New York Daily News

‘Better a dictator than gay’: Belarus leader

Associated Foreign Press


“You Can Play” Launches Gay-Straight Campaign to End Homophobia in Sports


The Sacramento Bee

George Takei Vows Gay Marriage Talk With Donald Trump

Huffington Post


Colorado Springs First Presbyterian Church May Leave Denomination Over Gay Marriage Tension

Huffington Post


Santorum backs nullifying existing gay marriages

SF Gate

Homophobia: at last we’re learning to cherish difference

The Guardian 

Britain’s Gay Marriage Plans Attacked By Scottish Cardinal

Huffington Post


Rachel Maddow: Rush Limbaugh A ‘Dummy’ Who ‘Doesn’t Know What Birth Control Is’ (VIDEO)

Huffington Post

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