LGBT News Roundup 03.05.12


Editor’s Pick: Boy Scouts Are From Mars, Girl Scouts Are From Venus
The Atlantic

Germany rebukes Lukashenko over anti-gay comment
Euro News

Blacks and gays: The shared struggle for civil rights
The Washington Post

Kristin Chenoweth Defends ‘GCB’s’ Gay Plotline

Growing Pains Showdown: Tracey Gold vs. Kirk Cameron in Gay-Rights Battle
E! Online

Gay prisoners to get jail tales shown in Artangel installation
The Guardian

Gay-straight alliance asks University for official recognition
The Observer

Exclusive Mobile Event Let’s Gay Men Get Hot And Steamy With Their Smartphone Using the Hardline Chat App
San Francisco Chronicle

Pastor Riggle and Mayor Parker go head to head on equality issues in Houston, Texas

Minnesota district to vote on lawsuits settlement concerning failure to protect students from bullying

Lines drawn on gay protections proposal in Omaha

Rush Limbaugh and AOL Part Ways as internet provider will no longer run ads for show
Huffington Post

Liberal National Party of Australia adamant to repeal gay unions
The Sydney Morning Herald

Short-circuit the anti-gay marriage push
The Seattle Times

Why Is HIV Brought Up in Gay Rights Case?
The Wall Street Journal

Gay marriage remains a deeply divisive issue
The Telegraph

Outspoken first lady fights for those ‘on the outside’
The Baltimore Sun

Asante Cotman, Gay Student, Allegedly Suspended For Wearing High Heels To School (VIDEO)
Huffington Post

Gay delegate candidate leads Barry, has highest vote count
Washington Blade

Majority Of Voters Don’t Care Where Candidates Stand On Gay Marriage
On Top Magazine

WCSU student is target of anti-gay slurs

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