LGBT News Roundup 03.07.12


The Obama Administration’s Bold but Risky Plan to Make Africa Gay-Friendly
The Atlantic

A Gay Community Center’s Middle-East Problem
New York Magazine

Fran Drescher: Kirk Cameron needs to rethink what it is to be an American

Obama camp noncommittal on gay-marriage plank in party platform
Los Angeles Times

D.C. Bill Allows Non-Resident Gays to Gain Divorce
New York Times

Hundreds pack city hall for gay rights hearing in Omaha

Archbishop warns clergy gay marriage is a ‘radical step’
The Independent

Will Smith & Jada Pinkett Smith — Did Another Man Split Them Up?
Hollywood Life

Anti-Gay Hate Group Accuses Immigration Services Of Providing Free Abortions, Funding For ‘Cross-Dressing’

Perez Hilton: The Moment I Knew I Was Gay (VIDEO)
Huffington Post

Biss Wise To Back Gay Marriage Bill in Chicago
Journal Online

Here is the anti-Gay Robocall that Almost Won Rick Santorum Ohio
Philly Now

George Takei On Tennessee’s ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Bill And Other Anti-LGBT Legislation (VIDEO)
Huffington Post

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