Principal resigns after anti-gay remarks


By Ryan Collett


At Haywood High School in Brownsville, Tennessee, Principal Dorothy Bond said, “If you’re gay, you’re going to hell,” during a school assembly. After the homophobic remarks, Bond later dismissed all male students and began threatening female students, saying, “If you’re pregnant, your life is over.” Bond said that female students who got pregnant would end up, “jobless, homeless, and living off the government.”


The incident was reportedly not the only one in which Bond made similar homophobic and misogynist remarks. The complaints against the principal escalated, prompting an investigation by the American Civil Liberties Union. However, some students and parents still supported Bond. 300 students and parents staged a sit-in to show their support for the principal.


Bond resigned after an ACLU statement was released calling for the Brownsville school superintendent to take action. The school district was asked to publicly refute Bond’s remarks and apologize. The ACLU said, “All students, regardless of sex, sexual orientation, parenting status, or faith, should feel safe and welcome in our public schools.”


Bond’s remarks and subsequent resignation come during a time when LGBT rights are at the forefront of debate in Tennessee. In the Tennessee House of Representatives, the controversial “Don’t Say Gay” bill — a bill that would restrict teaching about homosexuality in schools — cleared its first round of legislation by the House Education subcommittee.

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