LGBT news roundup 03.12.12


Editor’s Pick: Democrats Pressure President to Endorse Gay Marriage

The Wall Street Journal


Threats and Killings Striking Fear Among Young Iraqis, Including Gays

The New York Times


Australian Anti-Gay Marriage Ad Sees Backlash


Gay marriage and the Churches: making sense of the mess

The Telegraph

‘Gay Gag Rule’ Now Law in St. Petersburg



Anti-Gay Preacher’s Band Shocks Students At Iowa High School



How Gay Sex Was Legalized

The Atlantic

Cardinal Dolan: Church Was Told Gay Marriage Wouldn’t Pass in NY

New York Daily News

LGBT On College Campuses: UCLA Considers Asking Incoming Students Their Sexual Orientation (VIDEO)

Huffington Post


Cameron and Clegg Find Common Ground in Gay Marriage—But Party Dissent Lingers



Colorado High School Yearbook Staff Members Quit After Advisor Orders Gay Couple Removed

Huffington Post


California questionnaire asks judges to list sexual preference

Fox News

The Gay Law Clerk Fantasizing About JFK in the White House Pool

New York Magazine

Rachel Maddow on Being Outed by Her College Newspaper

The Daily Beast

Still Dictating Orders, This Time at the Altar, Fran Drescher marries gay couples

The New York Times

Anti-LGBT Discrimination Drives Substance Abuse, Report Says



A Mom Becomes A Man, And A Family Sticks Together


Bianca Feliciano, Transgender Teen, Sues Police, Reopening Sensitivity Discussion

Huffington Post



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