LGBT News Roundup 03.13.12


Editor’s Pick: Equality Ride seeks to end religious oppression of gay people
The Washington Post

BREAKING: Denmark Poised to Become the 11th Country to Legalize Gay Marriage

True LGBTQ Stories: How a Midwestern Mom Learned to Accept Her Transgender Son (VIDEO)
Huffington Post

Maine gay marriage bill step closer to voters

Anti-gay group protests outside Radiohead gig
San Francisco Chronicle

Rutgers student was no gay bully, lawyer says in final argument
Chicago Tribune

HHS weighs accepting men who have sex with men as blood donors
The Hill

Kiah Zabel, Michigan College Student, Reportedly Threatened With Campus Housing Expulsion After Coming Out On Facebook
Huffington Post

New Hampshire legislator: Return to civil unions

Democratic candidate Linda Coleman stumbles on gay marriage law

‘Junkyard Prophet’ Shocks Iowa School With Anti-Gay Messages At Assembly (VIDEO)
Huffington Post

Anti-Gay Activists Still Attack DADT Repeal As New Poll Finds Even Less Impact On Military
The New Civil Rights Movement

Rick Santorum most trusted on gay marriage, Ron Paul ranks last

Why Gay People Should Get Behind Ricky Martin’s Attempt To Reconquer America

Santorum: Kirk Cameron’s Tirade No Worse Than Dreaded B-Word
Huffington Post

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