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Omhu is a company that has found its niche supporting people’s abilities as they change through life. Inspired by a personal need for their aging parents, co-founders Rie Norregaard, Susy Korb, and Susan Towers sought products for their families only to find a virtual wasteland of beautifully designed products. 


Danish for “with great care,” Omhu (om-who) seeks to combine superior performance and functionality with eye-pleasing design, believing the two are not mutually exclusive. The Omhu Cane, the company’s signature piece, was created in 2009, launching a revolution in the “differently abled” product pool.


The cane is inspired by the clean lines of Scandinavian furniture, the wood detailing and craftsmanship of vintage skateboards and hockey sticks, and the colors and gloss of old American bicycles. The look of the cane evokes something antique, while remaining vibrantly modern. The cane is available in three sizes and six colors, including purple, green, orange, black, cream, and sky blue. 


It is made from a birch laminate with a high strength, light weight aluminum shaft, and a patented tip made from synthetic rubber used in high performance athletic shoes for cushioning and traction. The paint used is actuality the same used on American bicycles. The entire cane is recyclable as well.  


In a world dominated by chairs, sofas, tables, kitchenware, and baby products, the universal appeal of the Omhu Cane is a refreshing reminder that good design should last a lifetime. Well-crafted and whimsical, the cane embodies the company’s slogan, “Because with great care, life may be imperfect, and also beautiful.”  


To learn more about the Omhu Cane and other Omhu products, visit the company’s website here

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