Daniel Radcliffe to star as Allen Ginsberg


By Anna Peirano


Daniel Radcliffe leaves his holly and phoenix feather wand behind and picks up the pen instead in his latest role portraying Beat Generation poet Allen Ginsberg. The spectacles remain the same, but Radcliffe is sporting a curly mop in the film to help evoke Ginsberg’s iconic look. 


Set to release in 2013, “Killing Your Darlings” is a film set in 1944, when fellow Beat poet Lucien Carr was accused of second-degree murder for stabbing his former English teacher, David Kammerer, and the sensational trial that followed.


The film traces what may be considered the origin of the Beat Generation, when Ginsberg and Carr met during their freshman year of college at Columbia University. Carr introduced Ginsberg to Jack Kerouac and William Burroughs, forming the core of the New York Beat scene, with Carr at the center. 


In addition to Daniel Radcliffe playing Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac will be played by Jack Huston, William Burroughs by Ben Foster, and Lucien Carr by Dane DeHaan.  


Ginsberg was gay, Jewish, and an adherent to mysticism. He was anti-materialism and anti-military. Though celebrated for a long career, he may be most famed for his poem “Howl.” The strong sexual content and themes in the work outraged society and inflamed a generation. 

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