LGBT News Roundup 03.22.12


Editor’s Pick: Gay Truckers: The Men, The Myth



New Hampshire House Rejects Gay-Marriage Repeal

Wall Street Journal


Gay Marriage Debate Begins In Finland

On Top Magazine

Chile: Landmark Gay Rights Ruling

New York Times


Caribbean Gay Cruise Passengers Plead Guilty To Indecent Exposure

Huffington Post


Starbucks’ Gay Marriage Support Endorsed By HRC Despite National Organization For Marriage Protest

Huffington Post


Marriage remains top gay issue, Lambda Legal Executive Director Kevin Cathcart says

The Miami Herald

Gay rights: Waging a battle for Anchorage via churches and money

Warren backs gay marriage plank for Democratic platform

The Hill

Sunil Babu Pant, Gay Nepalese Politician, Petitions Facebook To Create Option For Users Who Don’t Identity As Male Or Female

Huffington Post


‘No change’ to gay NI adoption law



Lesniak will say ‘no’ to gay Supreme Court nominee

Matt Gurney: When is bashing a gay man not gay bashing?

National Post

Simon Cowell Does Not Appreciate Jokes About Him Being Gay


Are Ken’s remarks about Jews and gay people a ploy to win over Muslim voters?

Daily Mail

Paul Babeu Touts Gay Rights While LGBT Inmates in His Jail Suffer

Phoenix New Times


Bank of America exec Cathy Bessant on gay marriage ban: Vote no

Charlotte Business National

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