Dell’s 8th year on HRC Equality Index


By Esha Sharma


Dell, a multinational computer technology corporation based in Texas, has one of the longest standing and highest-ranking scores on the Human Rights Campaign’s (HRC) Corporate Equality Index and Best Places to Work Survey. 2012 was the eighth year in a row that Dell received a 100% score. 


The values that make Dell such a noteworthy example of LGBT inclusion and support in the workplace include a desire by the corporation for equality. The company fosters a global culture that encourages LGBT people to bring their whole selves to work. 


They offer career development and social networking opportunities for their employees, and an executive leadership that values diverse perspectives. Education programs are in place to teach those leaders about the challenges LGBT employees face in the workplace. And finally, through advertising and promotions, the Dell brand has been recognized as a supporter of the LGBT community.


Dell’s diversity partnerships and community initiatives reach out to multi-cultural customers and benefit diverse communities. These programs strive to promote access to technology, talent, business, and education in various demographics.


As one of the world’s leading technology companies, Dell uses its purchasing power to buy parts and components from diverse suppliers around the world, including businesses owned by LGBT owners whenever possible. Dell was named to the Billion Dollar Roundtable, an organization that recognizes corporations that spend at least $1 billion with minority and woman owned suppliers.


Dell’s LGBT employees form under the umbrella group called Partnering for Respect of Individuality in the Dell Environment, otherwise known as PRIDE. PRIDE was founded n 2002 and attracts and develops the skills of talented LGBT employees.


Their mission statement states that PRIDE and Dell, “envision a world where lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender people are ensured equality and embraced as full members of the family at home, work and in every community.”


The group’s allies and accolades are numerous. They are active with other organizations like HRC, Out & Equal, and Equality Texas/Atticus Circle.


The organization has also launched their own anti-bullying campaign in response to recent suicides among gay youth. Dell has given grants totaling $50,000 to multiple organizations in support of at risk children and teenagers.


PRIDE organizes sponsored internal events open to all Dell employees. The company observes Gay Pride Month each June and National Coming Out Day.


Dell PRIDE member Carisa Herweck said, “PRIDE gave me identity, a sense of belonging. I have been working with Dell for four years, and being introduced to PRIDE was the best thing to happen. I am engaged and thrilled with my life.”

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