LGBT News Roundup 04.02.12


Editor’s Pick: Not Waiting to Say Goodbye

New York Times


Raucous Gay-Rights Push in Alaska

Wall Street Journal


Chile’s Lawmakers Vow Action Over Gay Hate Crime Death



Why Gay Marriage Is Not the Issue for Obama This November

Huffington Post


Marriage Shifts Gay-Rights Debate

Wall Street Journal


UK Conservatives Push for Gay Marriage; Churches Protest

Christian Post


Op-ed: Bully Is a Way For Us To Fight Back 



Personal-contact politics: Gay man’s letter-writing campaign

The Seattle Times


Irish Catholic Church looks into claims that priest showed gay porn to parents



Mayor Rahm Emanuel Has a Plan to Make LGBT Residents Healthier



Hate Group Head Tony Perkins: American Soldiers Endangered by Gay Pride Flag in Afghanistan



Watching Gay Marriage Opponents Evolve

Huffington Post


A Look Into the Future: Rick Santorum in 2016?



Comment: Continued LGBT discrimination at the BBC would let down a new generation

Pink News


Op-ed: The Case for Victory in North Carolina



SHINER: Gay night in Singapore

Yale Daily News


Austrian cardinal OKs gay man for parish council


Congresswoman ‘very proud to be associated with Invisible Children,’ despite anti-gay ties

The Floriday Independent


Gay Sex Attack at Prince Harry’s Army Base

The Daily Beast


Debating Gay Marriage

Inside Higher Ed


Photographer’s Gay-Bashing In Brooklyn Leads To Haunting Image

The Village Voice


Ex-gay group seeks to infiltrate schools during ‘Day of Silence’

LGBTQ Nation


Why Anti-LGBT Tactics to Divide Latinos and the LGBT Community Won’t Work

Huffington Post


Meredith Baxter On Why Coming Out Was ‘Glorious’ (VIDEO)

Huffington Post

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