LGBT News Roundup 04.10.12


Editor’s Pick: Society’s Message to Gays

New York Times


Rick Santorum who pledged to invalidate marriages of gay couples bows out of Republican race



Jenna Talackova Case Prompts Miss Universe Pageant To Allow Transgender Women

Huffington Post


Some Vt. military college alumni upset by gay pride events; school to change focus of club

The Washington Post


Splitting Hairs: Is the LGBT Community Alienating Its Own?

Huffington Post


Obama’s `evolution’ on gay marriage: Still untenable

The Washington Post


Maine Anti-Gay PAC Distributes Pledge Against ‘Sodomy-Based Marriage’

Huffington Post


Gay rights group sues Nevada for same-sex marriage


The Gay Panic Defense and Trayvon Martin

Huffington Post


The Unlikeliest Gay Rights Leader in Texas

Huffington Post


Madame Secretary Meme Goes From Gay-Bar Banter to State Department Invite



Gays in America: Unprecedented Progress in One Generation

The Atlantic


Gay Rights Organizations Neglect Transgender People



TX minister: Gays will destroy Democratic Party



When LesbiMom Reads to the First Graders

Huffington Post


Schools left to figure out gay studies mandate


Catholic Church Cuts Ties With Charity Over LGBT Affiliation

Christian Post

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