Archbishop speaks at schools against gays


By Ryan Collett


John Nienstedt, the current Archbishop in Minneapolis and St. Paul, is leading a crusade-like campaign against the LGBT community, including speaking in support of traditional marriage at private schools.


Some of the tactics being employed by the Archbishop include official anti-gay prayers in Catholic Mass services and organizing political action committees in local parishes.


The presentations at private Catholic schools are, in part, political – Minnesota will vote next fall on a marriage amendment. But students at the private schools are beginning to stand up and voice their support for gay couples.


Students began objecting and arguing with presenters during one of the Church’s assemblies, resulting in the school administration ending the presentation early.


Matt Bliss, a senior at DeLaSalle High School, said to the Minneapolis Star Tribune that the presenters — one of them Niestendt — compared homosexual relationships to bestiality.


“Most people got really upset,” said Bliss. “And comments about adopted kids, I found these to be really offensive. There were at least four kids there who are adopted.”


Bliss said that he raised his hand and began to argue with the presenters over an acceptance of homosexuality throughout history. “I don’t think they expected the response they got from students,” said Bliss.

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