LGBT News Roundup 04.17.12



Editor’s Pick: Is Support for Gay Rights Still Controversial?

New York Times


Gay rights activists see Mormons softening attitudes toward their community



Gay Marriage Is a Conservative Cause

New York Times


The Anti-Gay Base Is Shrinking

New York Times


Bisexual in a Gay/Straight World

Huffington Post


The Electorate Changes, and Politics Follow

New York Times


Decades Later, the Coping Continues



Rainbow Over the White House: Could Americans Elect an Openly Gay, Lesbian, or Bisexual President?

Huffington Post


What the man ‘turned’ gay by a stroke can teach us about attitudes to sexuality

The Guardian


Petition to NYC Archbishop: Meet With Homeless LGBT Youth



Obama and the Executive Order: A Gay Panic at the White House?

Huffington Post


One Million Moms Angry About Same-Sex Kiss in Urban Outfitters Catalog



Prominent gay activist killed in Halifax assault

The Globe and Mail


Taiwan’s Gay Community: One In Five Of Nation’s LGBT Residents Have Attempted Suicide

Huffington Post


Administrator who disqualified gay teen reinstated

Orange County Register


Anthony Loverde, Gay Airman, Allowed To Rejoin Air Force After Winning Lawsuit

Huffington Post


Are Gay People Bullying Our Way To Equality?



Catholic pastor appluaded for shunning anti-gay marriage drive.

Seattle Pi


McEntee: Gay bullying victim now a defender of human rights

The Salt Lake Tribune


Anti-gay slur, racial threat prompts Berry College students to renew efforts for LGBT group

The GA Voice


Tammy Lynn Michaels on Spousal Support: A Matter of Gay Rights!

The Hollywood Gossip


Openly Gay Candidate Brian Sims Victim Of Vicious, Lying Smear Tactics

The New Civil Rights Movement


Tea Party Speaker: Gays Are Fascists And Anarchists Who Will Kill Civilization

The New Civil Rights Movement


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