Top Romney donor supports gay marriage


By Ryan Collett

A top financial donor to Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign also donates to gay marriage causes. Paul Singer, a hedge-fund manager with Elliot Management, has donated $1 million to Romney’s election through a pro-Romney Super PAC.

The Super PAC is Restore Our Future, a pro-Romney organization aimed at promoting the Republican candidate. Since the amount of money an individual can donate to an official presidential campaign is limited, Super PACs provide a way for donors to offer up unlimited contributions.

While Singer is a Republican and has donated funds to help Romney’s presidential run, he is also a proponent for gay marriage, having donated more than $8 million to gay rights causes.

Singer, whose son is gay and was married in Massachusetts last year, spoke at the 2010 fundraiser for the American Foundation for Equal Rights.

“I believe a generation from now, gay marriage will be seen as a profoundly traditionalizing act,” said Singer at the fundraiser. “It will have channeled love into the most powerful social institution on earth: marriage itself.”

Singer also provided important Republican support in the process that led to gay marriage legalization in New York last year. As not only a top financial donor, but also a gay marriage advocate, Singer’s support brings important Republican backing to the race. 

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