Gingrich supports gay marriage ban in North Carolina



By Ryan Collett

Former Speaker of the House and still-running presidential candidate, Newt Gingrich, released a video this week in support of an anti-gay marriage amendment in North Carolina.

The video begins with Gingrich speaking about the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, and how it’s the responsibility of American voters to uphold it. After almost three minutes, Gingrich then begins equating gay marriage to the loss of American freedoms. He urges voters in North Carolina to vote Yes on an amendment that would place a ban on gay marriage into the state’s constitution.

North Carolinians will vote on the amendment, called Amendment 1, on May 8th. The amendment would write a formal definition of marriage as defined between one man and one woman into the state’s constitution.

“Marriage between a man and a woman is at the heart of our civilization,” says Gingrich in the video. “It’s a belief that is under attack. There’s an effort by radicals at every level to change who we are, to change what America is, and to change, for our children, into a future that I think will be much worse.”

Watch the full video below. 

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