Facebook launches “Offers,” a new tool for business owners


By Zack Jenkins

This week Facebook launched a new way to determine the actual return on investment for purchased ads and fan page Likes called “Offers.” Offers is a coupon creation option for U.S. businesses to create simple and easy coupons to share on their news feed to their fans and followers. The Offers product has been in private testing since its announcement in February at the Facebook Marketing Conference.

There is no cost for businesses to run the Offers and Facebook can still make money from them. By driving foot traffic to physical stores, Facebook anticipates that these stores will “spend more on Facebook ads that increase their Page fan counts,” said Josh Constine, a technology blogger for techcrunch.com.

The Offers option is expected to help Facebook’s IPO price by providing a way for businesses to redeem some value on what they spend on Facebook advertisements and determine some ROI.

Facebook advises all businesses to train their employees and cashiers on how to process customer-printed coupons, email confirmations, and smart-phone coupon images. Offers has officially launched for all local U.S. businesses and is expected to release in the U.K., Canada, Australia, and Japan next, according to past release trends.

For both businesses and users there is now a reason to grow your Likes and fan page followings, and the launch of Offers now gives some actual value to being a fan and ROI for business advertising. 


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