The New Puerto Vallarta


Regular visitors to Mexico’s gay mecca Puerto Vallarta know that from year to year, the bars, clubs and restaurants come, go, and seem to constantly evolve. But a recent trip to PV for the first time in a few years proved to this long-time visitor that the gay nightlife scene is (almost) all new.
New and/or Improved:
Club Paco Paco, the multi-story club that was once the gay epicenter of PV, is now gone, but Paco’s Ranch, the little club that it once housed, has now blossomed into a big dance club across the street – and is the happening hangout for locals and visitors. It’s still the most authentically Mexican gay club in town.
La Noche was once a tiny martini bar, but after kicking down a wall and taking over the décor shop next door, it’s now a big, lively bar with nightly entertainment – and a place to drink and hang out until the dance clubs get going after 11:00 p.m.
CC Slaughters is a huge new dance club with an adjoining lounge, vying for the same gay clientele as Paco’s Ranch. More sleek and less atmospheric, it may get a big crowd on Saturday night, but unless a circuit party is in town, it’s hard to imagine this place being busy on a nightly basis.
KokoHome Club is the brand-new reincarnation of Club Manana, which once ruled the scene, but charging the equivalent of a $10 cover for blaring music and hungrily aggressive waiters doesn’t bode well for its future.
Wet Dreams is an intimate new men-only club with the friendliest (and hottest) go-go boys in town. It’s a big improvement over the sleazy Anthropology club, but be sure to bring plenty of 20 peso bills for the boys.
Still Standing:
Garbo is the elegantly casual piano bar which is perfect for a before or after-dinner drink – or for those who are in the mood for a sophisticated, less clubby environment.
The Palm is a cabaret space with a line-up of touring singers, comedy acts and drag performers.
Bar Los Amigos is the no-frills cantina for men of a certain age and their young admirers (and vice versa). They still make the biggest, best, cheapest frozen margaritas in town.

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