LGBT News Roundup 05.18.12


Gay marriage spawns big spike in online videos – Fox News

Leading Psychiatrist Apologizes for Study Supporting Gay ‘Cure’ – New York Times

Opposed to same-sex marriage? How about same-sex divorce? – Los Angeles Times

Manny Pacquiao, who denounces gay marriage after President Obama announces support, learns there is a price to pay for speaking his mind – New York Daily News

Cuban President’s Daughter to Meet With Gay Groups – ABC News

Malawi’s president vows to repeal gay ban – Associated Press

Obama Finds Middle Way on Gay Vows – New York Times

Persuasion and the Gay-Marriage Generation Gap – The Atlantic

Raven-Symoné: Straight or Gay, “That Is My Right as a Human Being” – E! Online

US Activists, Officials Seek to Protect Africa’s Gay Refugees – Voice of America

Gordon Klingenschmitt, Former Navy Chaplain, Slams Obama’s Gay Marriage Stance – Huffington Post

Jane Lynch to Republicans: “Money To be Made in Gay Marriage” – Chicago Tribune

How the Family Foundation of Va. kept a gay prosecutor off the bench – American Independent

California presbytery defies church, backs minister in gay weddings – Los Angeles Times

Protect gay minors — ban ‘conversion therapy’ – Los Angeles Times

On Gay Marriage, Is Obama a Brave Warrior or a Political Late-Comer? – ABC News
Gay or straight? The face may tell – Business Standard

Marriage, gay marriage and morality – Politico

Gay Rights in the Caucasus: Beatings, Arson and Eurovision – Eurasianet

Is gay marriage for states to decide, or is it a Constitutional right? – Fox News

A West Village Mural Weighs Gay Rights in the Middle East – New York Times

Equal Rights for Gay Americans Are Inevitable – US News

Gay Republicans Receiving Quiet Embrace From The Party – Huffington Post

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