One Million Moms takes credit for JC Penney’s quarter loss


JC Penney has reported a $163 million loss for the quarter, numbers that anti-gay organization One Million Moms (OMM) would like to take credit for.

The organization launched a boycott earlier this year against the retailer when they hired Ellen DeGeneres as their official spokesperson.

The organization soon dropped the campaign against JC Penney, claiming it had decided to “move on” because of other issues requiring its attention. However, in light of the recent financial reports, One Million Moms has stood up once again to claim that their efforts made the difference. 

“Sales have plummeted since JC Penney showed their new, bold marketing strategy, including pushing a lesbian spokesperson and same-sex couples in their advertising,” said OMM director Monica Cole. “If they would stop pushing a deviant and unhealthy lifestyle and focus on product quality and value along with excellent customer service, their bottom line would not be suffering.”

Experts have attributed the loss to JC Penney’s pricing strategy change that has done away with discounts in exchange for everyday low prices. Industry watchers say the retailer must work to shift the buying behavior of their customers.

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