Jim Parsons comes out quietly over the years


Jim Parsons, everyone’s favorite genius from TV show “The Big Bang Theory,” has come out of the closet – and he’s been in a relationship for 10 years.

There were no press conferences or parades or magazine covers heralding the announcement. The information was slipped into a larger New York Times profile of the actor while talking about his upcoming role in the Broadway play “Harvey.”

While few doubted his sexuality (while accepting his 2010 Emmy, he thanked rumored partner Todd Spiewak during the speech), fans are surprised that the times officially reported it first.

Parsons has won two Emmy Awards, a Golden Globe, and a Critic’s Choice Award for his role on “The Big Bang Theory.” Having just ended its fifth season, with the sixth to begin in the fall, Parsons will spend the summer  in the starring role of Elwwod P. Dowd’s Broadway production of “Harvey.”

Last year, he played a young gay activist in “The Normal Heart,” about gay men dying of AIDs.

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