LGBT News Roundup 05.23.12


Poll: Support for Marriage Equality Hits High Mark – Advocate

Marvel Comics, X-Men To Welcome Openly Gay Superhero –

Vt. Binational Gay Couple Granted Deportation Reprieve – Advocate

Malawi President Faces Opposition in Efforts to Repeal Antigay Laws – Advocate

Op-ed: The Right Thing to Do in November – Advocate

Oregon man says psychiatrist tried gay-to-straight ‘conversion therapy’ against his wishes – Washington Post

Colin Powell expresses support for gay marriage – ABC

Madrid Zoo’s ‘Gay’ Penguins Given Egg of Their Own – ABC

Molly Ringwald Says ‘Pretty In Pink’ Friend Duckie Was Gay, But Jon Cryer Disputes Allegation – Huffington Post

Attitudes about possible gay teammates seem to be shifting – CBS

Gay-bashing North Carolina pastor Charles Worley: ‘Forty years ago… gays would have hung from an oak tree’ (AUDIO) – New York Daily News

Gay judge nominee defeated by non-votes, ‘Rule 69’ – Pride Source

Obama cites Matthew Shepard in gay rights evolution – Politico

Iran’s “gay” Eurovision jibes strain Azerbaijan ties – Reuters

From Harvey Milk to the White House: Gay marriage evolutions – Washington Post

Iowa-Nebraska NAACP leader can’t back gay marriage – WCF Courier

Ally rally for gay, lesbian students at Cal State – Bakers Field Now

How The National Enquirer Vets Gay Sex Stories – Media Bistro

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