LGBT News Roundup 05.29.12


Thousand-Plus Protest Antigay N.C. Preacher – Advocate

The Abbey: ‘No More Bachelorette Parties’ – OUT

Ontario Catholic Schools Balk at Gay-Straight Alliances – Advocate

Gay Marriage Not Key to California Voters – Election 2012

Green Lantern Alan Scott Likely New Gay DC Character – Advocate

Maryland gay marriage foes have signatures for referendum – Reuters

Friends suspected Norway killer was dejected, gay – Associated Press

Eagle Scout to challenge anti-gay policy – Chicago Tribune

Why Gay Marriage is Healthy –

Queeries: The Gay Pre-Nup Is Real – Huffington Post

‘Gay-straight alliance’ clubs OK in Canadian schools – Global Post

Minn. pastor supports gay rights, may lose church – Marshall Independent

Gay marriage at issue in Pentagon budget bill – Baptist Press

FFA Says Disney Gay Days ‘About Targeting Children’ – Care2

Gay Uncle Inspires British Politician to Support Marriage Equality – Advocate

A Rare Haven for Gay Men and Lesbians in Harlem – New York Times

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