Prop 8 heads to Supreme Court



A federal court in California refused an appeal by opponents of the anti-gay marriage bill, Proposition 8. The decision paves the way for the appeal to go to the Supreme Court for a decision.

The federal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals declined an en banc review on Tuesday. An en banc review – French for “on a bench” – is a legal term used when all the judges of a court hear one case instead of just a selection of judges.

The appeal will now go to the top court in the United States and could begin review as early as October of this year. The Supreme Court could also choose to decline to review the case.

In 2008, the gay marriage ban called Proposition 8 passed in California. Since its passing, gay rights groups have been challenging the law in the court system, eventually leading to the federal level in the Night Circuit Court.

The Prop 8 appeal going to the Supreme Court will coincide with the presidential election where both candidates hold distinct, opposing viewpoints on gay rights issues.


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