Another remake for award-winning cult film maker of “Baby Jane?”



By Adam Sandel

On the heels of his award-winning cult hit “Baby Jane?” – a high-camp spoof of the noir classic “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?” – filmmaker Billy Clift is ready to roll cameras on “Hush Up Sweet Charlotte!” – a parody of “Hush… Hush, Sweet Charlotte.”

Both of the original films re-launched Bette Davis’ career – and a string of horror flicks starring middle-aged movie divas. In both of Clift’s spoofs, the incomparable Matthew Martin stars, doing his hilarious Bette Davis impersonation.

“Hush Up Sweet Charlotte!” will also star internationally renowned drag diva Varla Jean Merman in the role created by Olivia de Havilland. John Waters’ muse Mink Stole will play the role of Velma, which earned Agnes Moorehead an Oscar nod and a Golden Globe Award for the original film. 

If you haven’t yet seen “Baby Jane?” – which also stars J. Conrad Frank in the Joan Crawford role of the crippled, terrorized Blanche – it’s available on Netflix and DVD.

Check out the “Baby Jane?” trailer here.

To help raise the budget for “Hush Up Sweet Charlotte!” Clift has set up an Indiegogo online campaign, offering investors everything from screen credit to Executive Producer credit for their tax-deductible contributions.

To learn more about the project and to participate in making the film, visit the Indiegogo campaign here.


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