The multi media work of Louise Bourgeois


Louise Bourgeois: December 25, 1911 – May 21, 2010

Artist and LGBT activist

“Art is the experiencing – or rather the re-experiencing – of a trauma.”

-Louise Bourgeois 

In 2010, in the last year of her life, Bourgeois used her art to speak up for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender equality. She created the piece “I Do,” depicting two flowers growing from one stem, to benefit the Freedom to Marry organization.

“Everyone should have the right to marry,” Bourgeois said. “To make a commitment to love someone forever is a beautiful thing.”

She also created artwork for AIDS activist organization ACT UP in 1993.

From her obituary by Hauser & Wirth

Louise Bourgeois pioneered a new kind of art in which a multiplicity of forms and materials are used to excite and to exorcise emotions. 

Motifs included body parts, houses, spiders, skeins of thread, dramatic use of colours, and a vast variety of media. 

She was an original thinker who was always at the forefront of new artistic developments yet never directly affiliated with the avant-garde movements of her time.

Through her innovative approach to media and her feminist stance she created a body of work whose distinctive and sensual treatment of forms has proved a major influence to younger generations of artists. 

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