Organic remedies to combat Summer Sun


By Kelly Craig

Healthy skin starts from within by filling up on fruits and vegetables, and the summer season makes it easy. Just check out all the juicy citrus, sweet berries and crisp garden veggies to be found at every turn.  

Not too keen on eating greens?  Whipping up your produce into homemade masks, creams, and scrubs can also reverse summer damage from head to toe.

Reverse summer-damaged hair:

After getting drowned in chlorine, baked in the sun, or pulled tight into elastics, show your locks some love.  The acidity of a tomato will help restore balance to your hair.  Blending a couple tomatoes to comb through your hair with a wide toothed comb will do the trick.  Rinse after 20 minutes to give the hair its bounce back.

Get shiny summer hair:

Don’t hide behind dull hair this summer. This may be the smelliest of remedies, but whisking a raw egg to massage into the scalp is known to give your hair the protein it needs for that hair commercial worthy shine everyone is looking for.

Pore control:

Papayas solve pore problems.  Simply mash up some papaya to apply to the skin, let set, and then rinse with warm water to help minimize pore size.

For glowing skin:

Resist reaching for the lemon after cutting a ripe avocado and make a therapeutic cream of guacamole instead.  Mash an avocado thoroughly and whisk with two tablespoons of cream and two of honey until smooth.  Lightly massage the paste into the face in small circles for a balanced, moisturized, glowing complexion. 

Heal severely dry skin:

Pineapple isn’t just for San Francisckos and Piña Coladas.  For severely dry skin (the result of one too many beach days) juice a green pineapple.  Massage the juice into the cracked, chapped or chaffed skin for 10 minutes and then wash away with warm water.  Pat dry and marvel in your softer skin.

Keeping the toes tidy:

Stay sandal ready with this strawberry foot scrub.  Mash eight strawberries then mix in two tablespoons of olive oil and a teaspoon of kosher salt.  Massage the scrub into your feet to slough off dead skin. 

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