LGBT News Roundup: 07.11.12


In Sleepy Minnesota Suburbs, Church Ladies Launch Gay Marriage Crusade

The women of these Lake Wobegon-esque neighborhoods are fighting a proposed marriage amendment with rainbow flags and neighborly conversation. 

Mitt Romney’s Gay Politics Booed During NAACP Speech: VIDEO

Mitt Romney told audience that he has the “best interest” of the entire nation in mind. Romney reportedly told the crowd he will stand for people of “every race, creed and sexual orientation” then contradicted himself later in his speech. 

Marriage Equality Now a Mainstream Value

A series of polls released over the past two months confirms that marriage equality is now a mainstream value. 

Miami Gardens Mayor Gets Anti-Gay Religious Group Endorsement, LGBT Organization Reacts

Miami Gardens Mayor Shirley Gibson is running for a seat in the Miami-Dade County Commission, and it looks like the Democratic politician is playing a little politics to achieve her goal.

LGBT Leaders: Born or Built?

Great athletes are born with potential, but it takes intense training, great coaching, and the right equipment and support from families and communities to turn that potential into winning talent. 

World Travel Market unveils world’s largest LGBT research program

World Travel Market (WTM), the leading global event for the travel industry and Out Now, the leading marketing organization to reach LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) consumers, are expanding their partnership including the unveiling of the world’s largest LGBT research program.

New Poll Misrepresents Attitudes On Gay Marriage In Utah

A new poll from Brigham Young University actually has good news for those advocating for legal rights for the LGBT community, since it finds that a full 71 percent of Utah voters support some kind of legal recognition for same-sex couples. 

Controversial Parenting Study Reaches the Courts

The debunked study that accused same-sex parents of being inferior to their straight counterparts is now being wielded by proponents of DOMA in courts.

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