LGBT News Roundup: 07.12.12


Chile’s Pinera signs hate-crime law after alleged neo-Nazis kill gay youth in brutal murder

Chile’s president signed an anti-discrimination law Thursday following the killing of a gay man beaten by attackers who carved swastikas into his body.

Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Target Pull Frank Ocean’s Album Because He’s Gay?

Target has decided not to carry Frank Ocean’s new album, Channel Orange. The mega-store is claiming the reasoning behind the slight is because Ocean has an exclusive deal with iTunes that gives the mac store the digital album a week earlier than the hard copy albums actually hit stores.

Mitt Romney’s NAACP Speech Criticized By Gay GOP Group

Gay GOP group Log Cabin Republicans has criticized Mitt Romney for reiterating his opposition to gay marriage.

Pride House lives, set to welcome fans and athletes during London Olympics

Pride House was born at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics as a place where LGBT fans and athletes would be welcomed to the Olympic Games. Plans for a bigger venue in London fell through when organizers faced a lack of funding.

Anti-gay Virginia group in hot water for nasty Colorado campaign mailer

The campaign mailer features two men leaning together and kissing. The image comes from a treasured engagement photo snapped in New York city that was allegedly stolen and reworked by an anti-gay Virginia group. 

Indian Govt. Pays $1.28 Million For Gandhi And Alleged Gay Lover’s Letters

A biography of Mahatma Gandhi published last year described German-Jewish bodybuilder and architect Hermann Kallenbach the “love of his life,” a detail that fueled speculation the iconic activist was into men.

Italian MP calls for closeting gay troops to prevent ‘corrupting’ straight troops

Notoriously anti-gay Italian Member of Parliament Carlo Giovanardi is calling on his country to institute a policy like the United States’ former “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy, because he doesn’t think gay soldiers should come out. 

STUDY: 40 Percent Of Homeless Youth Are LGBT, Family Rejection Is Leading Cause

As many as 40 percent of homeless youth identify as LGBT, and a new Williams Institute study of youth shelters confirms this estimate. 

LGBT bills unlikely to advance in Senate before Election Day

With a few months remaining in the 112th Congress — and a few weeks until lawmakers adjourn for August recess — advocates say the chances for advancing any pro-LGBT legislation even in the Democratic-controlled Senate are slim — at least before Election Day.

NOM pimps out Kirk Cameron to promote sanctity of marriage

NOM which stand for the National Organization for Marriage has enlisted the aid of Kirk Cameron to distract the American people by yet again coming out publicly against same-sex marriage. 

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